Beetroot Power

Over time, beetroot has gained popularity for its nutritive and medicinal value. The beets became a super food after studies indicated that it offers a lot more benefits to the body than had earlier been contemplated. Beetroot is hailed because it improves blood flow, enhances athletic performance, and lowers blood pressure among other benefits. Manufacturers of fresh juices and drinks tend to incorporate beetroot as an essential ingredient for their products.

Health benefits

Consumption of beetroot offers many benefits to the body. Some of the benefits derived from its consumption include the following:

  • Improves athletics performance

    High performing athletics tend to favor the use of beetroot as part of their diet. This is because beetroot offers the required energy for athletic exploits. The benefits derived cut across athletes from different disciplines including cycling, track athletes and more. Beetroot is essential in improving muscle oxygenation when an athlete is exercising. Therefore, a high intake of the beetroot leads to an increased level of tolerance especially during prolonged exercises requiring endurance.

    For patients ailing from respiratory, cardiovascular, and metabolic ailments, and are unable to engage in strenuous exercise, they would realize an improvement after consuming beetroot. A study conducted found out that a cyclist’s performance was improved by 2.8 and 2.7 percent for 4 and 16 km race respectively. Therefore, this is testimony that beetroot improves performance.

  • Lowers blood pressure levels

    Consistent consumption of beetroot is instrumental in reducing blood pressure. Studies indicate that a glass of beetroot has the potential of reducing blood pressure by about 4-5 points. Medical practitioners believe the benefits are as a result of the nitrate which is a component found in beetroot. The nitrate is converted into nitric acid in our body when consumed. As a consequence, nitric oxide which is essential in dilating and relaxing blood vessels hence improving blood flow is produced. Therefore, it is the improved blood flow which is instrumental in reducing blood pressure.

  • Lowers "bad" cholesterol

    Flavanoids and betacyanin which are soluble fiber form a bigger part of beetroot. Betacyanin is responsible for the purple-like color of the beetroot and is known to be a powerful antioxidant. Betacyanin is essential in reducing the oxidation of cholesterol and in effect reduces chances of it getting deposited on the artery walls. This process is critical because it reduces chances of a heart attack and stroke. Therefore, no medication is required to reverse the situation. Beetroots would be recommended for people experiencing weight issues and should be complemented with a better exercise regime.

  • Recommended for pregnant women and unborn child

    Beetroot has an abundantly high content of folic acid. Folic acid offers incredible benefits to expectant mothers and the unborn child. Proper intake of folic acid ensures the unborn baby's spinal cord is well developed. Failure to consume enough proportions of folic acid could lead to spina bifida a condition in which a child's spinal cord seems to be split into two. For the mother, they get an energy boost they need to carry the pregnancy.

  • Regulates diabetes cases

    People suffering from diabetes often have a sugar craving but in most cases are not able to fulfill the desire. However, this desire may be satisfied by introducing beetroot into the diet of a diabetic individual. Beetroot is known as a medium glycemic index vegetable meaning that it releases sugar slowly to the blood. In the process, the sugar craving will be satiated. Beetroot is also low in calories and is also fat-free. Therefore, it is a vegetable that can recommend for diabetics.

  • Treats anaemia

    For a long time, it is believed that because beetroot is reddish in color, it is used to replaces lost blood thereby curing anemia. The myth has been in force for a long time, and many people have bought the concept. However, there could be some light in the tale, though; which is - beetroot treats anemia. This is courtesy of its iron component but not its color that looks like blood. The iron in beetroot is responsible for the formation of haemagglutinin which is a blood component responsible for transporting oxygen and other nutrients to other parts of the body. In the process, an anemic patient will feel better.

  • Relieves fatigue

    The American Diabetics association's conference conducted a study and found out that the intake of beetroots boosts an individual's energy levels. The property has been attributed to the nitrate concentrates in beetroot which are essential in the dilation of arteries hence transportation of oxygen to all body parts. The transport of oxygen is responsible for the increase in energy. It is also believed that the iron component in beetroot increases a person's stamina. Therefore, at the end of a tiring day, consumption of beetroot in whatever form and proportions does the magic.

  • Improves sexual health

    In some parts of the world, beetroot is known as "natural Viagra." Beetroot has been commonly used to boost sexual performance for individuals who feel they could be sexually. The secret lies in the nitrate which is in the beetroot which in turn releases nitric oxide to the body and consequently increasing blood flow to the genitals. This is the same mechanism replicated by drugs like Viagra which are performance enhancing drugs. Equally important is that beetroot contains boron which is responsible for the production of sex hormones. It is, therefore, recommended for people with sexual health problems to adopt its consumption to remedy the situation.


Beetroot is one of the natural remedies that can be used to heal so many medical ailments. At the same time, many more people consume it without really understanding its nutritive and medicinal value. It is only possible to derive utility effectively if you know what value comes with its consumption. As we have seen above beetroot is essential in treating ailments related to blood flow including anemia, blood pressure, fatigue, and sexual health, among more. Therefore, beetroot is recommended for everyone who wants to live a healthy life.