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Interior trends this SS23 season: our designer’s picks | Swyft

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Olivia Lowry
Interior trends this SS23 season: our designer’s picks | Swyft

Hello, spring! With summer on the way, we’re definitely thinking about giving our spaces a freshen-up. In last season’s style guide, our team covered all things mid-century modern, got colourful with painted ceilings and took inspiration from the Mediterranean.

This time round we’re joined by Swyft stylist Kelly Collins. Kelly’s our go-to expert when it comes to all things interiors and is always out there searching for the next big thing. Here are her picks of what to look out for this season, to inspire your next home decor project - just in time for sunnier days.

Nature-inspired neutrals

“I’m so excited for this trend - it’s one of those looks that gives you a lot to play with but is pretty much fail-safe because neutral colours are so easy to pair together. This summer we’re going to be seeing neutral interiors get a much bigger focus on texture. Essentially it’s all about overlaying lots of different textures to achieve a more organic and natural feel.

How to do it

“This look is basically an elevated version of all the neutral trends gone by. To recreate this one yourself, stick to warm colours when decorating or furnishing - sand, beige, off-white and taupe will work well. Then, combine lots of naturally occurring textures like decorative marble trays, jute rugs, boucle sofas, cotton throws or wooden side tables. The more textures, the better!”

Retro resurgence

“We’ve talked about retro style coming back before, and it’s definitely going to steal even more of the limelight this spring and summer. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan of this trend - it’s fun, experimental, and brings so much joy into interiors. 

Since we launched Made to Order fabrics last year, it’s been really interesting to see which colours our customers are going for. There’s a definite trend towards 70s tones of vibrant orange, turquoise blue, warm brown and mustard yellow. With summer on its way, it’s the perfect excuse to experiment with colour in your space - which is basically what the retro resurgence is all about.”

How to do it

“To recreate this look, remember that materials play a big part in this trend. Upholstery should stick to the classics like suede, leather and velvet. Using these will future-proof your retro-inspired look. From there, you can begin adding accents with unique mid-century style tables, vases and artwork - your local vintage furniture stores or pop-up flea markets are great places to find retro gems.”

Softer curves

“As much as I love everything boxy and straight-edged, it’s all about the curved pieces this season. We’ve already seen this trend come through, but it’s going to get even bigger this summer. 

The obsession with curves and asymmetric-shaped decor is a really interesting one. This summer could see the end of super polished living room looks, starting with perfectly placed ‘chopped’ cushions in favour of a much more relaxed lived-in feel - especially for living rooms. The curved silhouette trend is all about playfulness that makes interiors feel more fluid, softer and inviting. This summer, look out for curved furniture and decor in more rounded, free-flowing shapes.”

How to do it

“This trend is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms where that soft, curved-edge look can help create a really relaxing aesthetic. To recreate it in your own home, opt for furniture without obvious harsher angles. When it comes to home decor, choose circular, cylindrical and spherical pieces. Don’t forget about the details - experiment with book ends, candles, coasters and rugs in similar shapes.”

A new type of blue

“This summer we’re definitely moving away from the usual default navy and instead, we’re going to see brighter versions of blue popping up in homes everywhere. Earlier in the year we covered a how-to guide on Mediterranean decor that was really popular with our readers.

This punchy colour is still going strong in the home decor scene, and I love seeing our customers go for the likes of Teal, Ocean, Hydro and Indigo fabrics on their blue sofas. Because this type of blue is cool in tone, we’ll see it paired with warm neutrals that keep that cosy feel in living rooms and bedrooms. This summer is going to be big for contrasting colour combinations.”

How to do it

“This trend is less about changing absolutely everything to bright blue, and more about using it as an accent. Start by picking one or two elements of the room to brighten up with this bold colour. Add a pop with new cushions, invest in a statement piece of art or take the plunge with a bold blue sofa - how far you go with it is totally up to you.”

Stone accents

“Talking of textures, we’re going to see a lot more stone in particular. Marble had a moment of its own in kitchens recently, and now it’s all about tables and accessories. When you bring a smooth stone into a space like a living room, it contrasts really well with the soft furnishings that surround it. Much like the natural textures trend we mentioned at the start, it’s all about introducing more organic textures and patterns. This type of stone, whether it be marble, quartz, travertine or granite, brings a really elevated feel to rooms without being overly flashy.

I love a big statement marble piece of furniture, but smaller accessories are equally as fun (and honestly, more affordable). Polished stone might seem like a fleeting trend, but in all honesty, it’s been around forever - we’ve just started to fall back in love with it again. This summer there’s going to be tonnes more marble around, and it’s one of those materials that I never get tired of seeing in interiors.”

How to do it

“Think about the type of stone you might want to use and if it’s right for your space. Marble and super textural stone pieces work well in most interiors, but larger items in this material can look out of place in more traditional-style homes. Experiment with accents first - try a marble tray in the middle of your coffee table, or upgrade one of your plants with a marble pot. If you’re looking to make a statement and can make the investment, a rounded, polished stone coffee table is such a beautiful addition to living rooms.”

Summer is the ideal time to decorate and give your space a new lease of life before the days get shorter again. If you need some help with your decor decisions, head over to @swyft_home on Instagram and leave us a question.

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