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Hello, Model 09. Interview with the designer

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Olivia Lowry
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Hello, Model 09. We’re really proud to be able to introduce our latest sofa collection. This week we sat down with designer André Faustino to learn all about it.

Hi, Andre! Can you tell us a bit about Model 09?

“The Model 09 is our reinterpretation of a classic Chesterfield-style sofa. It features rolled arms, deep pulled-button detailing and is sat on a wooden plinth. It’s designed to be an impressive statement piece, full of character and presence. Its scale and proportions are generous, and its detailing grabs attention. 

The sofa is completely handmade, and we’ve used a capitonné upholstery technique to achieve the deeper pulled buttons on the backrest that this style is so well known for. Our upholsterer’s craft is really shown off in the Model 09.”

Where did the inspiration for the style come from?

“The inspiration came from traditional Chesterfield-style sofas initially. However, the idea was all about how we could reimagine the design and make it ‘Swyft’ with our key principles of no-tool assembly, boxed and able to fit through tight doorways and into people’s homes with ease.”

How did you start designing Model 09?

“Timeless styles like this are always really popular with the UK market, and we saw an opportunity for introducing our own Model 09 during our research phase. When it comes to Chesterfield-style sofas available on the market, they’re all fairly similar, and the size of them usually means they’re not as accessible. With this in mind, we were confident we could apply our boxed sofa design principles to create a Chesterfield style that was guaranteed to fit in any home. 

Traditional Chesterfield sofas are beautiful, but often very heavy. They sit low to the ground, often without feet. In this design, we reduced the proportions of certain elements and raised the seat off the ground with a plinth. This created a lighter, more up-to-date version that we were able to apply our Swyft-lok technology to, whilst maintaining certain key features like the rolled arms and button details. It’s the first sofa of its kind that’s delivered in boxes, with a slot-together mechanism for easy assembly.”

What sizes and configurations does Model 09 come in?

“We’ve created 3-seater, 2-seater and loveseat versions of the Model 09.”

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