Grey armchairs

Create a cosy corner in your living room with a grey armchair. Choose this versatile and modern colour for accent chairs, footstools and armchairs. Discover light grey armchairs for a softer look, or dark grey armchairs for a bolder statement.

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Grey Armchairs

Find a grey armchair that suits your living room style. Choose from different shades in a range of textures and finishes, for your perfect look. Get grey accent chairs delivered boxed and guaranteed to fit through even the tightest of spaces.

Dark Grey Armchair
Grey accent chairs

Dark or Light Grey Armchairs?

For a bright, airy feel that works well in Scandi style homes, choose a light grey armchair to put your feet up on. In contemporary and traditional spaces, a dark grey armchair is a great option for making a statement, whilst also being cosy. To find your perfect shade order a free fabric swatch box today.

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Grey Velvet Armchairs

Sit back and relax on a grey velvet armchair. Enjoy soft-to-touch fabric that's made for lazy lounging, Sunday sprawling and socialising with friends. Choose an on-trend grey occasional chair that suits your style.

Light Grey Armchairs

Grey Chaise Longues

Want a little extra space for stretching out? With multiple different shades to choose from, you can't go wrong with a grey armchair and footstool. Put your feet up and chill out on the best seat in the house.

Grey Armchairs

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Grey Armchair FAQs

Get the FAQs on grey armchairs

  • Is grey a good colour for an armchair?

    Grey is a great colour for armchairs thanks to its versatility. If you like to change up your wall colour or overall decor style, you can be confident that your grey armchair will still look right at home. 

  • What colour sofas does a grey accent chair go with?

    Pair your grey accent chair with either another grey sofa of the same grey or a few shades different. If you’re after a pop of colour, you’re in luck, as grey goes with most other sofa colours. Tried and tested combinations with grey armchairs include yellow, blue, black and cream sofas, but most colours will work well with grey.

  • Is a grey armchair timeless?

    Not only are grey upholstered chairs super versatile, they’re also a classic choice. Choose a grey armchair if you’re looking for a feature piece of furniture that’s timeless and can work with changing interior styles for years to come.

  • What colours stands out most against grey?

    Try contrasting tones like bright yellow, deep blue and statement red when choosing a colour to stand out against a grey accent chair. Use these colours either on the walls, in the decor, or on your other furniture for a bold and brave living room look.

  • Is grey considered a depressing colour?

    In other scenarios grey might be described as a depressing colour, but this isn’t the case when its used in interiors. Styling rooms with grey furniture has been done for decades, proving itself as a timeless and popular choice for living rooms thanks to its relaxed, neutral feel.